Glenn Hudson Means Business

glenn2Glenn Hudson is ready to work with Peguis Band Membership to get back to business and create jobs for the community. During Glenn Hudson’s Chieftainship, along with the Council at the time, Glenn was committed to pursuing business development ventures aimed at improving the quality of life for Peguis Band Members. Glenn knows that requires building a strong local economy that is financed through own sourced revenues. That is why during his time as Chief, Glenn made generating business one of his top priorities in turn leading the way on major developments projects. Although some of these projects have been placed in jeopardy under the current leadership, Glenn is confident things can be put back on track. Some of the major business and sustainable development projects realized under Glenn’s Hudson’s Chieftainship included:

Chief Peguis Investment Corporation

Glenn Hudson understands the importance of own source revenue as a means to achieve true sovereignty and freedom from our current dependance on Federal Contribution Agreements. That is why in 2012, under the leadership of Glenn Hudson, Chief Peguis Investment Corpora-tion was formed to pursue business developments in the areas of retail, wholesale, residential, commercial and philanthropic investments. Glenn Hudson was able to assist in the Negotiations of many major business projects. Potential revenues means returns and benefits to Band Members and that is want Glenn wants make sure this happens. This requires the support from strong leadership where this investment group can continue to grow. Glenn Hudson is ready do provide that!

Assiniboia Downs

In 2013, Glenn Hudson was able to negotiate a deal to purchase Assiniboia Downs for 22 million dollars, which was 8 million dollars less than the 30 million dollar asking price. This investment has great potential to generate revenues to support Peguis First Nation. In fact, during the 2013 Red River Ex, the Assiniboia Downs made 300,000 dollars on parking in only two short weeks. Prior to the last election, Glenn began negotiations with the Hard Rock group and other developers who were ready to partner with Peguis First Nation to build a hotel and conference centre. Although development of Assiniboia Downs has halted since the last election, Glenn wants to get this state of the art business and tourist centre back on track. There is no more time to waste.


Geothermal Energy Program

Glenn Hudson has a vision for the community which will both create jobs and protect the environment. When Glenn was last Chief, Chief Peguis Construction grew to be one of the largest geothermal operations in all of Western Canada. Under Glenn’s leadership, Peguis also began installing solar-thermal (using sun to heat water). This sustainable venture generated 14.9 million dollars of business for the community. Full realization of this project would have meant the conversion of 650 homes and commercial buildings, reduced heating bills, and 30 new jobs created for Band Members. Glenn Hudson still believes that we can move forward on this project in spite of recent developments that has placed this agreement in jeopardy. We need to keep our family household expenses down, create jobs, and build the local economy while living in homes that keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unfortunately, very little has been done since the last election. Glenn Hudson is dedicated to getting these projects back on track. This includes re-launching the geothermal energy program with goal of completing another 150 homes in the next two years. Band membership deserve to be provided with affordable heating and cooling in their homes. This is why Glenn is committed to eventually hooking all Peguis homes up to this cost-efficient green technology.

Kapyong Barracks

In 2007 Glenn Hudson, while Chief, was able to initiate Kapyong negotiations along with other Treaty 1 First Nations. The negotiation for these federal surplus lands would have fulfilled part of Peguis’s TLE claim. There is great economic and social potential for Peguis if the development of Kapyong is realized. In fact, Kapyong, with an assessed land value of over 100 million dollars, has the potential of realizing well over 2 billion dollars in development. Glenn Hudson is ready to work with other Treaty 1 First Nations to make sure Kapyong becomes a reality. This requires working in partnership with other Treaty 1 First Nations leadership and Glenn Hudson has a proven track record of building the strong relationships required to get Kapyong off the ground. There is no more time to waste. We have wasted enough time. Glenn is ready to get Kapyong back in business.


1075 Portage Avenue

In 2014, under Glenn Hudson’s Chieftainship, an economic development zone was established at 1075 Portage Avenue. As part of the Peguis’s land acquisition strategy, this 3.5 acres houses a 69,000 sq ft. office building, 200 parking spaces, as is home to a number of tenants. Although the occupancy of this building has declined under the current leadership, Glenn is ready to work with the future council to ensure this economic development zone is able to reach its full poten-tial. Glenn knows that 1075 Potage Avenue can serve as a model for other Treaty 1 First Nations currently in the process of negotiating for economic development zones.



Chief Peguis Construction (CP Construction)

Chief Peguis Construction was started in 2013 under Glenn Hudson’s Chieftainship. CP Construction is a Peguis owned and locally driven business that provided 140 full andglenn1 part time jobs and contracts for Peguis Band Members. This was an award winning business making profits of 3 million in the first year, 9 million in the second year and 14 million in the 3rd year. In October 2015, this business won the Excellence in Aboriginal Business Leadership Award. In spite of its award winning success, CP Construction has been put out of business under the current leadership. There is still hope. Glenn knows that this venture can be put back on track and Glenn wants to continue building and realizing the full potential of this successful business.

First Nations Development in partnership with the Quarry- 2014

In 2014 this 8 million dollar business venture, located just outside of the City of Winnipeg, was negotiated 10 million dollars under the asking price during the Chieftainship of Glenn Hudson. Unfortunately, little has happened under the new leadership, which in turn has placed the opportunity to generate 3 millions dollars in profit annually on hold. This also included creating 200 new jobs for Peguis Band membership residing on and off reserve. The deal was negotiated and completed and Glenn is ready to get this business back on track. Glenn Hudson knows Peguis Band Membership needs jobs and Glenn wants to make sure that happens.