It has come to my attention that some Band Members are wondering why I have chosen to start my nomination campaign early to run for Chief of Peguis First Nation.
Since the election in 2015, I have had the opportunity to work with other First Nations throughout Manitoba. This has been rewarding,however, my heart and commitment continues to rest with our amazing nation. In spite of the growing financial crisis, we still have the potential to achieve great social and economic success. This was always my focus and goal during my tenure as Chief of Peguis First Nation. This continues to be my goal.
Although I was disappointed with the outcome of last election, it did come with important lessons in leadership. One of the concerns I heard was that I was not present at home enough. Although my time away was spent in meetings to work on potential business opportunities, meeting with various levels of government, and a variety of NGO’s I understand people needed assurance that my priority was still at home.
It is important that you know that I hear you. This means engaging with Band Members so that I can be certain that my vision as a potential leader in Peguis is consistent and flourishes out of our collective vision.
That does not mean that we will always agree, but if we are going to build our nation we need to keep engaging in difficult discussions. I am ready to do that again. It was a privilege being Chief during my time in office.
In the weeks leading up to nominations , I am hoping to meet with as many Band Members and families as possible. That takes time. I am looking forward spending that time discussing the future of Peguis First Nation with all of you.