About Glenn Hudson


Glenn Hudson was born and raised in Peguis First Nation by his mother Joan and father Alex. Glenn has been married for twenty-five years to his wife Sharon.  They have two children; Glenn Jr and Juanita who they both cherish dearly. Glenn is also the proud grandfather to Meena, Emma, and Jameson.

Glenn clearly understands that rebuilding a strong nation requires putting families, Elders, and children first. This means building a strong economy that ensures Peguis First Nation has the resources to reinvest back into band membership. It is for that reason, that Glenn has placed great effort into pursing business ventures that provide the necessary resources to finance Peguis’s local programs, services, and infrastructure. Glenn is committed to ensuing that, we build a strong economy in Peguis First Nation so all Band members have the resources they need to to achieve their goals and aspirations.

"Glenn’s love and loyalty to his family and community has always kept him grounded. It is that grounding that has supported his strong leadership in business and as an elected Chief of Peguis First Nation for five consecutive terms. "

Glenn Hudson graduated  from the University of Manitoba in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering (B.S.I.E). Glenn understands that his education has afforded him with opportunities he otherwise might have not experienced.  It is for this reason, that while Chief of Peguis First Nation, Glenn invested a lot of his energies into improving educational opportunities for band members.  This included supporting the Hunters and Gathers society, a program aimed to teach youth how to live off the land and an Elders program to work with students in the local school. Glenn Hudson has also supported educational pursuits off reserve including the Red River carpentry program located out of Selkirk, Manitoba.

Glenn understands that in order for children to be successful, they require a strong sense of identity and culture, while having access to a high quality education.  This is why, when Glenn was Chief in Peguis, he made sure the school was always properly financed and resourced. As a post secondary graduate Glenn understands the opportunities that come from receiving an education and he has used his education to support his efforts to build a strong economy for Peguis First Nation.

Glenn is well known in the Treaty 1 territory for his visionary leadership in sustainable business development and diplomatic approach working with Indigenous, grassroots, municipal, provincial and federal leaders. In December 2013, Glenn Hudson, along with the Peguis First Nation Chief and Council, brought the Assiniboia Downs for 22 million, 8 million dollars below the assessed value of  30 million dollar asking price.  In the first year of development, the Downs made 300,000 on parking during the Red River Exhibition. Glenn wants to get this development back on track.  This includes resuming the negotiations with the Hard Rock group and other developers who wanted to invest in building a hotel and conference centre at the Downs.  It’s time to get this state of the art business and tourist centre up and running.

Glenn also played a leading role in the Kapyong Barracks negotiations, which was initiated in 2007 by Peguis under the leadership of Glenn Hudson along with other Treaty 1 First Nations leadership.  As part of the TLE process, Peguis is entitled to federal surplus lands and the potential development opportunities that Kapyong offers supports massive economic growth for Peguis. The value of that land is well over 100 million dollars with the potential in development of well over 2 billion dollars.  Glenn is ready to work with other Treaty 1 First Nations to push the deal forward.  We need positive, respected, and diplomatic leadership who is  able to work in partnership with other First Nations.  We have no more time to waste. We have wasted enough time.  Our local economy is suffering. We need to create jobs and continue building our economy for band membership through smart and sustainable investments.

Glenn understands  this, which is why, during his time as Chief he worked at initiating sustainable business ventures that included the geothermal installs that amounted to creating 4.9 million dollars of business for Peguis First Nation. This project, part of Chief Peguis Construction, had the potential to convert 650 homes and commercial buildings while reducing heating bills for band members. During the time of the project 30 new jobs were created  for band members.  Glenn still believes that we can move this project forward in spite of recent developments that has placed this agreement in jeopardy.  We need to keep our family household expenses down, create jobs, build the local economy while living in homes that keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Glenn is ready to get this done.

As we know, over the last two years Peguis First Nation’s deficit have increased from $12.8 million to $31.2 million. This is unfortunate, after Glenn Hudson, along with the Peguis Chief and Council had reduced the deficit from during his time as Chief. Glenn is ready to get the governance and finance of Peguis back on track.  He knows that effective governance is required to build the economy.  This includes ensuring that the terms of reference outlined in Peguis Trust Agreements are adhered to and followed.  Although it will take some efforts, Glenn Hudson is ready for the challenge and he is ready to get back to work for Peguis.  Glenn is a dedicated leader who is guided by the vision of Peguis band membership.  Glenn believes that Peguis has the potential to build a brighter for our children.  On March 24th, 2017 vote Glenn Hudson for Chief